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It's been quite a week! I've finished all my exams and now can breathe easy...kind of. Whilst staying at my Great Grandma's I've been going to school studying (sometimes all-day) for a math diploma that wasn't. My grade had the great privilege of blazing forth a new curriculum for High School math, as we entered our provincial exam and started our tests something didn't seem right, however we continued and two thirds of the way through something was very wrong! Our Vice Principal came around to each of us, 10 minutes left in our exam, "You've probably noticed by now that your writing the wrong exam, just finish up as best as you can, we're working on straightening this out." Umm...I'm sorry but you made us go through two and a half hours of inner turmoil, leading us to believe that we were probably going to fail an exam which is worth half our grade?! You expect us to finish an exam with questions that we have never even heard of before?! Let's just say I finished my last 10 questions or so pretty quickly, when in doubt pick C right?!! We were given the previous curriculum's diploma exam instead of the new one. We are still waiting to see whether or not we will be exempted or if we will have to redo the exam in June. Needless to say it was stressful day to end my week. One week from today I'll be back out at the acreage, starting a new semester and hopefully all this will be cleared up. Anyway enough of this it's over and life goes on...

1. When I first saw this picture I thought of how beautiful the trees and the sky were and what a unique way of portraying a landscape picture! I love everything about this :)
2. I'm a sucker for botanical prints, this particular one I can imagine gracing the cover of a journal, or even in the mix of a wall of art.
3. I came upon this photoshoot originally from, The Clothes Horse, who I follow on Blogger. It has a great mix of colour and black and white old Paris esque pictures. I just love the very stereotypical 1920's Paris cafe scenes that you can see throughout this photoshoot.
4. I must say that after seeing again and again DIY's that listed washi tape under the supply lists, nothing sold me on this tape except this picture frame DIY. For an apartment, dorm room or rental that doesn't allow you to hang anything on your walls, this is perfect!
5. After recieving the wide instax film camera for my birthday, I've been experimenting with the film world. This picture which includes a beautiful colour pallette that stretches from the peachy and yellow poppies, and the bluey-grey rustic table to the dreamy polaroid pictures themselves, inspires me to create and strive for this sort of mood in my pictures as well.
6. A beautiful form of politeness...dressing beautifully is indeed the best way to make an impression, aquire your own taste, and ultimately be polite.


Sweet Madeleine

Sweet Madeleine

It feels like quite a long time ago since I've had a post up! I recieved a Madeleine pan for Christmas and so I made the Orange Madeleine recipe that they gave on the back of the packaging. I've never tried a Madeleine before so I wasn't sure what to expect, after reading some recipes online I found out I should have left the batter to sit overnight and then each cookie would be more fluffy and full/round (if that makes sense). My next attempt at making them will have to be a recipe I pinned awhile ago, which are Date Madeleine's with a sort of toffee sauce to dip them in. Now I could say that I made these sweet little Orange Madeleine's the other day but truth be told I made them during Christmas Break!  I also made these little oatmeal cakes for my Dad's Birthday on the 2nd with my mini bundt pan, I didn't get a good picture of them on the cake stand sprinkled with icing sugar because it was all ready dark by the time they were all done up, but I do have picture of them on my Instagram if you want to check that out.
Time just caught up with me I guess, January has been a fast month for me, we've been studying and reviewing in our classes, writing finals and Diploma's (provincial tests), so it's been pretty crazy I must say. Exam week officially starts today, which is quite ironic because out of the 6 tests I had to take I only have one left! Oh well, that just means a longer break for me before my next semester starts.
Saturday I packed up my things and moved to my Great Grandma's house for a couple weeks whilst my Grandparents are out. Up until this point I must say it was rather dreary and lonely. I had to get used to the sounds of her dog's and the general traffic sounds that you can here in town, so with some sleepless nights under my belt it was a pretty emotional day yesterday. I knew it wasn't that bad, but I wasn't sure if I could make it the two weeks. After a good night sleep last night and school to take up most of the day, I'm feeling a lot better now.
Last night the Edmonton Oilers played their first game, since the lockout, against Vancouver so I watched that. Tuesday night I'm going to go home for the evening and watch their first home game with my family, they usually make a big deal about the season starting just on an ordinary year but with the lockout lasting for about 130 days they've been anxious to get on the ice and we've been anxious to start watching them :) So that will give me something to look forward to.
I don't have to go to school in the mornings until Friday which is my last exam, then I'm off until next Thursday, when our semester starts (pretty random if you ask me). Anyways so I'll have some time to keep up with my blog. I took some frosty pictures the other day and I figure I haven't done a Pinterest Inspiration post lately so you now know what to expect in the next couple of days! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week :)



Well it's 2013 already, Downtown Abbey has started, the NHL lockout has ended (ready for the season to begin!), diploma exams are on the horizon and we survived 2012 haha! I've been meaning to check in for awhile now but I haven't had the energy I suppose.  I had a post in mind that contained those Madeleine's up there ^ but I haven't got around to editing the photos. 
Today was our first day back at school which isn't real thrilling, exams are coming up and the race against time and finishing up units is on full force! I picked up a book from the library on Saturday, Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven, and have been reading it non-stop ever since, I can't tell you if it's because it's good or because I desperately need something to keep my mind off of the impending exams -- have I mentioned exams enough already? I guess it's just been on my mind lately :/ in Alberta diploma exams count for 50% of our final mark in grade 12 -- talk about pressure! 
I thought because I haven't got any new material as far as photo's are concerned I would let you know about my instagram account -- my pictures are much more frequent there then on here :) You can find me by clicking one of the pictures under Instagram on my sidebar or by searching, blushbyalady in the search bar of the Instagram app. 
If you can't already tell I'm loving the Afterglow app for my instagram pics and have used the circle frame farely regularly! It's also a great app for editing your photo's quickly and has way more filters then the ones that come with instagram, I think its something like 0.99 cents but well worth it -- coming from somebody who never purchases any of her apps! And they update it with new features every single month and take in requests for improvement, pretty good I'd say.
I better be off then, I've got some reading to do!

Bronté <3