Happy Friday Everyone!
Today is the first day of my spring break {yay} During my daily blog rounds, i came across these delectable Potato Pancakes from DESIGNLOVEFEST a couple of days ago and decided to make one for supper with the leftover mashed potatoes that we had with our stew the other night. It turned out SO good, all you do is add some green onions, sour cream and some lightly beaten egg {i only used about a quarter of an egg because i was just making 2} in which case you mix it and fry them up. As an added touch top it with a fried egg, sour cream {my mom even used Oiko's plain yogourt} and a sprinkle of green onions {and bacon, if your really committed}. Viola a delicious supper! You can find the recipe here and a {slightly} better presentation :)



If one should ever wonder why I get depressed when they mention spring and warmth, this is undoubtedly why. Saturday morning I woke up {much earlier then I wanted to} in the livingroom of my Grandparents cabin, where the trees outside were covered in hoar frost, it was beautiful. 
We do have spring and summer in Northern Alberta, don't get me wrong, this winter was rather mild up north, we didn't have a white Christmas...we had a brown Christmas, all through January and February it was generally between -10 and 0. And we only ever got half a foot of snow at a time {compared to last winter where we got more than a couple of feet at a time}
I guess you just never know what to expect when you live in Canada, weather-wise anyway.
We had Friday off from school so me and my brother, Calder, and my Grandparents headed out to their cabin by the Lake to do some work. After I finished painting I went outside to cool off armed with my iPod and I snapped a couple of pictures. Believe me it looks colder then it was.
Next weekend 4 of my younger cousins are coming down to spend a couple of days at the cabin {sadly its supposed to warm up to at least +10, so ski-dooing will be out of the question...unless we would like to do more digging, then riding}
 When we first arrived Friday evening my Grandma and brother promptly went to check out some ice by the shore that looked like it froze mid wave, breaking off a chunk to melt for washing hands and dishes. Needless to say we had a good time, as one tends to have at the cabin :)



Yesterday was FRIDAY! Yay :) It was sooo…beautiful outside and my room was flooded with natural light I decided to snap a few photos on my iPod whilst the light remained. I got this antique copy of Pride and Prejudice for Christmas last year and I absolutely adore it <3 The teacup is from my Grandparents {also a Christmas present} and it holds the remains of a red carnation that I got from my Best Friend for Valentines Day {we decided to buy each other a flower}. The book contains beautiful drawings by Robert Ball and each one is unique and adds a certain charm to the already quaint book.

I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book! When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library. 
~ Jane Austen ~



Here are seven things that i dream of doing:

1. Biking through a small town in France, stopping to drink a coffee and a scone or two at a quaint cafe.
2. Calling home in a red telephone booth
3. Sitting on the end of a boardwalk watching the fireworks with someone i love
4. Viewing the ocean for the first time from the shores of Prince Edward Island
5. Laying in a Lavender Field in Southern France <3
6. Attending a busy Marketplace with vibrant colours and cute thrifty items
7. Stand under the Eiffel Tower

What inspires you? What do you dream of doing?




My name is Bronté Laurel Collett, i love to read, write and crochet. I'm just a regular student living in a small town in one of the coldest places on earth Northern Alberta :) i find lots of my inspiration in the blogs that i follow and Pinterest {www.pinterest.com/brontec/}. A new home building project allows me to dream about my room and my decorating options {which no doubt you'll be seeing pictures of in the coming months -- depending on whether or not our trades people show up and get the job done}. As of now we are at the drywalling stage. i plan on enjoying this new page in my life and maybe documenting some of it on here :) as well as some things that inspire me and things that i am working on.