Christmas 2013

This year I wanted to put together a little video of what a Christmas at the Collett's looks like.
Christmas Eve is always exciting, some years we host a dinner with all of the family that has gathered so far, some years it's just ourselves. 

This year was a little different I suppose, I had to work -- which was really crummy I can tell you that much -- it was only till noon but still. Mom had made a little cake to enjoy in the evening, Christian made a pizza for supper, we opened our Christmas Eve pajama's and watched Elf. It was really lovely!

Christmas morning is early rising generally -- I think we were all up around 8:30 opening up our stockings and presents. Dad plays Santa each year and hands out our gifts one at a time, Christmas morning breakfast is eaten -- I forgot to film that bit :/ -- before we all get ready to leave the house by 12 to go to Grandma's house. 

The past couple of years we have let Ezra and Seth into the porch to enjoy a treat and have a little nap on the warm floor. It was snowing picturesquely while we opened our presents so when we brought the dogs in it smelled of wet dog for awhile haha!

As family gathers at Grandma's everyone claims a spot in the living-room and after a devotional read by Grandpa some presents get opened for each grandchild and aunt/uncle or mom/dad. Christmas dinner follows around 2 and the rest of the day is spent playing games, ski-dooing or going for a walk. 

I really like the finished product of these clips, that perhaps share a slight glimpse into our Christmas time, I might just do a New Year's version as well. 

All footage was shot on my iPad. Music by David Ian -- I do not own the rights to this song it is purely for entertainment purposes.


A little do it yourself...

chalkboard afterBefore

This chalkboard used to be in my grandparents basement, they renovated it this summer and a couple of  weeks ago I saw this board in there furnace room. After claiming it for my own I decided to spruce it up a bit, it needed a new coat or two of chalkboard paint and after that was done I then painted the frame gold. 

I really like it, it has added a little bit extra to my room and I'm excited to whip out some chalkboard art skills and change it up upon my whim. Draped with a little pompom garland it definitely adds a bit of festive-ness to my rather unfestive room. 

I'm excited for the holiday season -- even though my break is not as extensive as I'm used to from school, it is nevertheless a break. I've really been getting into the Christmas baking, planning all sorts of goodies I can make -- dark chocolate espresso fudge anyone? 

We managed to get our tree up yesterday -- despite the fact that it is leaning at least at a 45 degree angle -- it's quite cute and smells AMAZING! Mom and I went to the new greenhouse this Saturday that just opened up this fall -- 5mins from our house (!!) -- and picked up some greenery to use as a festive decoration on our new mantle!

The days are getting shorter and shorter…I go to work in the early morning twilight and go home in the dark, it's not the best for getting things done. You end up yawning at 6:00 and start thinking you might start getting ready for bed. It's quite ridiculous!

We just got another big dump of snow and I don't mind it so much now but I think it should stop at this, yeah? It all gets to be a bit much when you think you still have at least 4 months left to look at it. Right now it is adding just enough to my Christmas spirit, so it's not tiresome thus far ;)