The end of the beginning...

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." 
~ Winston Churchill

As of now I have one more exam left and then my High School career is officially over, it's definitely a bitter sweet moment. I have always loved school, learning, solving problems, writing etc. it's challenged me and I did my best to compete and reach my highest potential. I'm going to miss that I think -- the pressure and incentives that pushed me to reach new levels. In the real world you aren't necessarily measured on the same criteria as you are in school, you aren't "graded"per se. 
Right now, facing a gap year to work and perhaps travel, I know the thing I will miss most though is the social aspect of school. A typical day at school for me this semester was probably, 40% learning/working, 60% socializing/goofing around! Our teacher's are really cool, most of them anyway haha, I'd say about 30% of that goofing around was initiated by our teachers! It helped that our class was really small and chill, the teachers liked the break from the large and obnoxious freshman/sophomore classes!
I am uncertain about what will happen after this year is over. University has always been something I've wanted to do…I am also toying with the idea of Pastry school…a semester abroad…the possibilities are endless, and quite daunting I must say.


On another note the sun is finally out! We have had constant rain and overcast days for probably over 2 weeks -- it was starting to feel like winter on the west coast! The boys planted a vegetable garden a couple of weeks ago and Christian has been keeping it in pretty good condition so far! It will be interesting to see what comes out of it this summer. 


The past two weeks I've been baking on a more summery theme -- light and fresh -- it also looks like blackberries have played a role in executing that as well ;)


And this is a candid shot of Calder and Christian, messing around with my camera when I was in the grocery store! I think I just got the last laugh…haha

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week,
Bronté xo


Hello there...

A Certain Type
...it's been awhile...a month actually...

Time has a way of creeping by slowly and than suddenly you blink and it's been a week. That has been my last couple of weeks really, "the first 5 days after the weekend are the hardest!" I keep finding myself just living for Friday and the weekend -- trying to get through the week unscathed and in relatively good condition -- which isn't the greatest thing because you end up missing all of those little moments that make up the good things in life...As for what I've been doing in-between then, not a whole lot I suppose but I have managed to be pretty busy, surprisingly.

During May long (Victoria Day) I spent half of my time baking for my job and the other half at the lake (Lesser Slave Lake). My grandparents own a rather old, but loved, cabin out on Shaw's Point and my Aunt and Uncle were down with there boat so we went wake-boarding -- this was Sunday and the ice just got off the lake the Tuesday before! I should mention that my cousins wake-boarded and I only attempted to wake-board -- I got up right away but I couldn't quite master the balancing aspect and being able to shift my board so it was parallel with the rope...my muscles gave up due to the cold water before I did, which resulted in a very sore and stiff me for the next couple of days!

The weekend after, I believe, I went to Edmonton Friday afternoon for YC Alberta 2013 This is Love! If you don't know what YC is, it's a Christian youth conference put on by Extreme Dream Ministries and it is basically a very fun filled weekend with a bunch of speakers and different bands. (My favourite year was last year when Switchfoot was their main band!) I wasn't planning on going this year but my Aunt and Uncle graciously provided me with a ticket and I am truly grateful because I think this might have been my last year and it was really fun/inspirational. Sometimes you just need that little pick me up!

We came back late Sunday night and then another mundane week at school recommenced and that Friday afternoon I left for Edmonton again, except this time with Christian and Blythe (my older brother and sister)! We  spent the evening shopping at West Edmonton Mall, and I was able to get some clothes for my desk job I'll be starting July 2nd :/ !! Saturday morning we lazily got ready and then me and Christian dropped Blythe off at South Edmonton Common and made our way to Christian's friend's wedding ceremony. There was like 5 hours between the ceremony and the reception so we joined Blythe and shopped at the outlet stores in South Edmonton Common afterwards. We then went back for the reception and had a fairly good night! (I didn't know anyone at the wedding but it ended up being fine, there was a group of girls that we hung out with from his school so that was nice.) Sunday we packed up went to my brother's church, Central Baptist, which Ryan Smyth from the Edmonton Oilers attends -- fun fact ;) -- and headed home!
I feel like this upcoming weekend is the first time in like 2 or 3 weeks that I get to actually sleep in, in my own bed! It should be good!
*sigh and my exams have officially started...I had my first in-school final on Thursday for Social Studies Part A (written -- Part B is multiple choice) -- in-school finals are only worth 5% so it wasn't that nerve wracking but it still wasn't fun staring at a computer screen for 3 hours trying to write as much of a well planned essay as you can in the 10  minutes you can actually a lot to planning. (You need all the time you can get just to spit every fact/piece of information that you can remember out on the page!)

I have three exams next week including my first diploma which I am not looking forward to...Needless to say my days have been looking like this:
Wake-up, eat, school, eat, study, sleep -- it's great... :P

I am done school, including High School as well as exams on the 21st of June...Oh Happy Day! It's actually going to be quite bitter sweet I think...it'll be the first day of the rest of my life...most everyone is going away to university in the fall but I'm taking a gap year to work, mature (hopefully haha) and make money so I can actually pay for my schooling...

Well anyway I've rambled and written this big long post, but it's good to be able to get this out and hopefully I can keep up and create some more consistent posts on here...

I hope you have an amazing weekend!

Bronte xo