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Pinterest Inspiration // 9

1. we the people 2. Unknown 3. ZARA 4. Weekday Carnival 5. Unknown 6. Fossil 7. Rag And Bone

1. I really love this. I wish I would have done something like this while I was still bleaching my hair...
2. I've been really into illustrations of pineapples lately, I have no idea why, I just think that it can look so modern and no matter how distorted you draw it, you still know it's a pineapple.
3. I have been eyeing-up this jacket from ZARA for a while now. I always think that you have to have a certain style to pull off a black leather jacket -- which I do not have! This jacket is different though, it's slightly more feminine and definitely more wearable with my wardrobe.
4. This free calendar download is just perfect. I love it's simplicity, and I am definitely going to print it out for my room.
5. After I wrote, "if you're bolder than the darkness", I found this pin and felt like this fit in with part of what I was trying to saying. 
6. I buy cheap watches from the drugstore, at least every six months when the batteries finally die or something goes glitchy. I never found it worth it to buy an "expensive" watch but after my last one died and I was out a watch for a week -- feeling quite lost I must say -- I took a look at some of what Fossil had to offer. Let me just say women's watches can be the most ugly, decked out, bedazzled, mess of metal and diamontes, I literally scrolled through over 80% of their watches with a disgusted look on my face. This watch caught my eye because of the simplicity (sensing a theme here?) of the face, metal, strap and everything! It looks really chic, would go with just about everything and has a good sized watch face. Win!
7. Now I have been looking for a black felt hat, that wasn't so huge and floppy and conspicuous as what everything seems to be that I find, for just about a year now I'm sure! This hat would be perfect if it wasn't sold out and a ridiculous price anyway -- I'm so cheap lol. So alas the search continues.