Steady Progress and Summer Holidays!

Slowly but surely we have been making some progress in our house! Most of the Bedrooms upstairs have their pine flooring down and have been painted, our dad has been installing the radiators and doors in some rooms, the tiling is done upstairs, all the room's are painted, light fixtures have been going up (though slowed because our handy electrician/grandpa has been in England for the past 2 weeks), yes it finally seems possible that we might move in by the end of July sometime. 




This is our property looking North-East and it looked so beautiful last night after being freshly cut.


Wild roses are found all over Canada but is considered Alberta's Provincial Flower and it grows all over the perimeter of our "Hundred Acre Woods," which surrounds our house in a "U" shape from north to east to south.

My first week of summer holidays have been interesting…it's rather gloomy and windy out today but we have had some warm days sometimes even getting up to 26+ degrees Celsius. On Saturday us kids (Christian, Blythe, Calder and I) all went out to our cabin on the lake and spent the day suntanning/swimming in the waves. It was unfortunately quite windy that day but the sun was warm. On Sunday however our parents joined us and it was quite cold. 
Hopefully this weekend is better, I'll try and take my camera and snap some pictures of our Canada Day Weekend festivities! We'll surely be clad in our nations colours, red and white. I might even be able to snap some pictures of the Fire Works that the campground has not far from our cabin.
I hope you have a wonderful Canada Day Long Weekend and if you don't live in Canada I hope the weekend's good to you. (I think people in America might have a long Fourth of July weekend…or maybe it's the weekend after…I don't know.)
Anyway I'll be back with some pictures of that, ta ta for now!


One half of the world...




"One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other." ~ Jane Austen

I often feel this way when I post pictures of flowers and write about the little things that for people in warmer climates take for granted. While we are still wallowing under a foot of snow and below zero weather it seems as if all the other bloggers I follow are posting pictures of spring and green grass and the hope of a warm summer. As May and June come along we've just hit the green grass and blooming flowers stage. 

When I went on a trip to Toronto with my school for a week at the end of May we were melting in the 35+ weather (sometimes getting as high as 45) with 100% humidity. As we were landing in the Edmonton airport homebound, snow covered the ground. Many of us still in our summer apparel, froze on the 4 hour return home. Thankfully, for us, it was just raining in our little town and the random spring snow storm had just hit the Edmonton area.

I guess the point of all this is that even if these peonies and little wildflowers don't seem to brighten your day, they've definitely helped cheer up our little rental and been a breath of fresh air after the last 2 weeks of rain. And they are a sure sign for us Northerners that summer has arrived at last!



Hello Everyone :) It feels like it's been awhile…I've been fairly busy lately. The last weekend of May I went with my Aunt and Uncle and their eldest son to YC Alberta. It's held every year at Rexall Place and The Expo Centre in Edmonton, and from Friday to Sunday night we listen to Christian speakers and bands. I was especially excited about seeing Switchfoot and they didn't disappoint. I was also introduced to some new bands like for King and Country and some great speakers like Dave Overholt and David Nasser. All in all we had a great time! 

The weekend after that I assisted my mother with a wedding she was shooting in Grimshaw. It was nice to be able to snap some pictures along side her with my camera. We were both nervous but the bride was so laid back and they had a great timeline, that we wasted our time worrying. It was also nice to spend sometime with just my mom. The hotel room had a dishwasher which seemed like a luxury -- we don't have one in our duplex! Jokingly we decided to just stay there until we finished our house :)

Flower collage

As you can see there is a couple flowers in bloom out at our acreage! It's so pretty and refreshing. "It's lilac stealing time" my mom said! In our town there is plenty of lilacs and even some down alleyways in which we sneak a few to brighten our house!

Apple tart

My eldest brother Christian is always nagging me about when I'm going to bake, so one day I took some pie crust out of the freezer and made little Apple Turnovers…needless to say they didn't sit there for very long!


dress collage

Mom came home from the acreage this morning with some treasure! She saw a garage sale and decided to go take a look and she found this old painted card table that she's giving to me to hang up in my room! The peachy colours will go well in my new room and it reminds us of a Paris marketplace. She also found this cute red polka dot vintage dress! Quite the find and despite it's smell it's lovely!!

Well that's all for now :) tomorrow after church we're going over to my grandma's to have homemade waffles and an array of breakfast dishes. I'm looking forward to seeing some of my family who are coming up! Au Revoir!