I have lived in a town of approx. 3000 people in Northern Alberta, where the winter's are long and the summers are brief, my whole entire life. 

It's a place where depression comes easy in the darkness, but makes you feel so alive in the light, where your Christmas's are always white, where spring isn't green grass and flowers but rather, puddles, slush and the return of the Canadian geese, where the wildlife isn't behind caged bars but helping itself to your fruit tree in the backyard, where school isn't cancelled till after minus forty and where the summers are spent by the lake -- I can't think of anywhere else better to grow up. 

I now live by myself, in a stark and often lonely dorm room in downtown Edmonton. I'm in my second year of a Professional Communications major and currently loving life as a student in a creative field. 

I started this blog when we lived in the smallest three bedroom duplex, and we were building our dream house on an acreage a couple kilometres out of town. It started out as just a love of writing, but I soon grew a love of photography and baking too. 

This is my happy place. 

A place where I can share things that inspire me, make me sad, excite me and make me glad that I am alive.

It's helped me grow into the woman I am today. 

I hope you like it here, I sure do.

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