I did it! I finally bleached my hair! It was quite nerve wracking because when I first bleached it with this it was quite yellow. After going to the salon and getting some violet shampoo and conditioner it helped tone it down a bit to where it was just a pale white/yellow. Not quite what I wanted we decided to die it again with this ash blonde thinking, "it can't get any worse". And it turned out wonderful! I really love it…and my brother's Harry Potter references (Lucius, Malfoy, Draco etc.) seemed to stop, which is a bonus :) he now wants me to die my hair red so he can call me Ginny…I don't think that will happen anytime soon! Well tomorrow I'm off to help cook at camp for a little over a week with my cousin, Bretley and her Aunt, we should have a fun time! Lots of Laughs! Happy Fourth of July to all you Americans :)
Au Revoir!

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