Pinterest Inspiration 7

Pinterest Inspiration
1. World on a Fork 2. Unknown 3. Oh No They Didn't 4. ban.dō 5. Emerson Fly 6. Unknown 7. Peek of Perfection

1. Don't those look divine…that is the sort of dessert my grandpa would love…probably every night! Technically they are Swedish yeast rolls but they look like cream puffs to me ;)
2. "Comparison is the thief of joy," perhaps not joy, but definitely peace -- peace with yourself and who you are. Plus imagine that poster framed adding a pop of colour to a space!
3. Oh, Michelle, so classy! This is actually my outfit inspiration for part of my grad pictures -- semi spoiler alert!
4. Next Friday is my last cut to keep up my pixie, after that it's just going in to trim my growing "mullet" and hopefully in a couple of months it will look something like a bob and barrettes like these will be my best friend for saving bad hair days!
5. The weekend after my grad we are going out to the city to drop my sister off at uni and pants is on my list, classic fit and looks like this that can be worn both at work or on the weekend is a rare find.
6. I love the look of this picture, its very European looking  -- if the buildings in the background didn't give that away to you already ;) Plus it's a cute cut!
7. When I saw this pin, I was like "Yes. That is me in every sense." Whenever I am in a store -- I am usually pretty flustered so I tend to rush and just scan until I find something that catches my eye, stripes catch my every single time. Generally I have to talk my self out of buying another striped item, but sometimes I can't help it :)

I trust everyone will have a great weekend :) Coming off a four day week it should seem like it's been a short week but that doesn't seem to be the case, I am quite ready for the weekend and sleeping in and general laziness!

xo Bronté

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  1. So many cute things! I love the little striped top illustration!