All I need's a whisper...

^^ Exploring the neighbourhood ^^
^^ Strathcona Farmers Market ^^
^^ Muttart Conservatory ^^
^^ William Hawrelak Park ^^

Fall has come, softly, with only one snow scare. These pictures mark my first month of University. And it was a good one. The calm before the storm. Suddenly homework and studying have slowed down these little escapes. Soon snow and the threat of final exams will keep us holed in, dawning oversized "Thunder-wear", sipping tea with a side of Chicago Mix. 

I am so anxious to be getting home for Thanksgiving. I've had so many reasons to be happy and inspired and challenged this past month and a half, but I am so ready to go home. I need a chance to revitalize and recharge. I need to eat a meal that doesn't consist of bagels with a side of fruit. And I miss my family. Winter will be coming in like a lion before we know it and I have to be ready for it. 

I feel at home in the city when I am out going on these excursions with my friends, taking pictures and taking things as they come, being adventurous. I also feel slightly disconcerted thinking about my place in school and my studies. I love my courses but I don't feel like I could ever take them anywhere. I want to know so badly what I am supposed to be doing in this life. I want to so badly have some sort of direction. 

All I need's a whisper...

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