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"One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other." ~ Jane Austen

I often feel this way when I post pictures of flowers and write about the little things that for people in warmer climates take for granted. While we are still wallowing under a foot of snow and below zero weather it seems as if all the other bloggers I follow are posting pictures of spring and green grass and the hope of a warm summer. As May and June come along we've just hit the green grass and blooming flowers stage. 

When I went on a trip to Toronto with my school for a week at the end of May we were melting in the 35+ weather (sometimes getting as high as 45) with 100% humidity. As we were landing in the Edmonton airport homebound, snow covered the ground. Many of us still in our summer apparel, froze on the 4 hour return home. Thankfully, for us, it was just raining in our little town and the random spring snow storm had just hit the Edmonton area.

I guess the point of all this is that even if these peonies and little wildflowers don't seem to brighten your day, they've definitely helped cheer up our little rental and been a breath of fresh air after the last 2 weeks of rain. And they are a sure sign for us Northerners that summer has arrived at last!

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